History and background to the project JOURNEY TO THE DEEP

Sarah Burren has earned a reputation among the business and artistic communities for dramatic and artistic excellence. In 2004 Sarah approached Department of Conservation to stage an event that would be open during Auckland Festival (AK05) that would utilise the natural environment and build awareness to the conservation tunnels at North Head, Devonport. The Genie and the Lamp sold out.

Two years later, Department of Conservation requested content that could be developed using their newly renovated conservation tunnels at Fort Takapuna, Narrowneck, Auckland. Support was enlisted from New Zealand Association of Environmental Educators (NZAEE) and (then) North Shore City Council to stage a brand new show combining conservation, education and entertainment to open SEAWEEK 2008. The dome and tunnel layout at Fort Takapuna was conducive to providing the foundation layout to promenade (or moving theatre) and over 2007 the whole concept of PERILS was born.

Over 3000 people came over seven days and the company was inundated from schools from across the Auckland region who wanted to attend "bringing the whole school". 

DOC immediately saw the potential of taking the concept to New Zealand. An MOU, full endorsement and seed funding from Director General Al Morrison was realised upon receipt of a feasibility report from Arts Education Specialists, Markham Arts.

Since 2008

Since 2008, the project has changed dramatically. The enlisted support of advisors occurred over the 2008-11 period fleshing out all aspects of the project on a multi-faceted scale, designing a 'home' or bespoke world for JOURNEY TO THE DEEP to be staged over a four month period opening in Auckland City. Using the innate qualities from the showcase at Fort Takapuna, they were able to build the first two custom made stages of the 18 stage exhibition when funds from Auckland Regional Services Trust (Culture and Heritage) were granted. 

In 2011 Little Green Man Productions(LGM) was formed to develop and produce JOURNEY TO THE DEEP to an international level.

There is also considerable support for this project from Department of Conservation as well as relevant industry suppliers and advisors including:

  • Fabric Structure Systems
  • Salmond Reed Architects
  • Spy Glass
  • Oceania
  • Mentz Management
  • Luhrs & Company
  • Sean Murray Consultants
  • Cranleigh Merchant Bankers


See the stage show ATLANTIS coming to USA from JTTD New Zealand!

LGM Productions

Partners and Supporters